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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.




“It was my pleasure to meet and work with Landau on his debut album That’s Life. Every time he steps up to the microphone the audiences go crazy for my friend’s unique style. He knows what he wants to say and he knows how to deliver it HIS WAY!”

Steve Tyrell
Grammy award-winning producer and performer


“Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.’s performances on America’s Got Talent not only brought joy to West Virginians, but to people all over the nation. He is a true West Virginian and I’m proud of him.”

Earl Ray Tomblin
West Virginia Governor


“Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is the complete package: talent, personality, character, class and humility, the ingredients for longevity. His sound is clean, pure and rich, but don’t get it twisted – he’s got R&B chops as well. He’s very versed in his art and that should serve him well in years to come.”

Glenn Leonard
Former lead singer of The Temptations


“Working with your team and with Landau was really a delight for me. I think his concert was among the best I’ve had involvement with at ArtsPark or anywhere – excellent quality music and production, he is very entertaining, the show is awesome for all ages, and just all-around great vibes. Your team was so polite, appreciative and efficient, and I agree that our park staff did an excellent job, as did your backline from Laz at Mastersounds.

Holly Spillane
Superb Artists and Events, LLC | Magnificent Jazz, World Music & Production Services


“Thanks for helping us arrange for Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr’s performance on September 23. We had wanted a show that would kick off our 2014-2015 season with a lot of energy and excitement and he certainly did that. I think I told you that Landau had probably ruined it for the acts that followed. That may be near to the truth because people are still talking about the show as the best thing they have seen in a long time and speak of those who followed as an afterthought. We are glad that we had asked to have Leonard, Coleman, and Blunt (LCB) join Landau in this concert. In fact, it probably does a disservice to everyone to call it a concert because both Landau and Leonard, Coleman and Blunt were all more than just singers. They had mastered the elusive craft of showmanship. So many artists today substitute technical spectacle for developing their showmanship skills. As I think you know, our audience appreciated the difference. LCB barely had to open their mouths and the audience was screaming and cheering for them. You couldn’t resist their charisma. Landau and his singers were off stage dancing along with them. People loved how personable Landau was. They enjoyed how he stepped downstage at the end of the show to talk about the experiences which have shaped his career. Everyone was thrilled to have the opportunity to get autographs and photos taken with Landau and Leonard, Coleman and Blunt. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for our community. Thanks for helping to bring Landau to Portsmouth.”

Joe Patti
Director, Vern Riffe Center for the Arts



“Everywhere Landau has performed, he’s left the audience speechless with his charisma and singing style. It’s a real honor to represent this incredibly talented, humble artist.”

Ken DiCamillo
Legendary talent agent; VP William Morris Endeavor NYC


“As a West Virginian, it was a very proud and emotional moment to watch Landau win America’s Got Talent; my family was pulling for him all the way from California. I’m so pleased that Landau is living his dream; a true American success story. I wish him continued success.”

Jerry West
NBA legend


“I love his voice. He is a person I feel shows you can do anything. He’s my favorite singer.”

Landau Fan


“Love you Landau! I’m glad you won you deserved it!”

Landau Fan


“Now that’s MUSIC baby! Rock On! Please!”

Landau Fan

“Landau, if you aren’t a top-notch performer!!.. I would LOVE to see you live in concert You are the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!”

Landau Fan


“He’s got such a unique performance. he’s singing classics the way you’re supposed to, but with so much personal character.”

Landau Fan


“Greetings! I knew Mr. Landau was going to win the moment he opened his mouth to sing that first time on A.G.T. and now want to take the time to write and hope these words get to him. I just wanted to tell you all how thrilled I am with Mr. Landau and the incredible singing talent that he has shared with all of us. I was very young when Sinatra was the talk of the town but I grew up in time to understand somewhat just how much his music meant to his world at that time. Sinatra was more than his music as we all well know, he and his fellow crooners of the time represented a period in history before so many terrible things happened that changed our world and when Frankie died so did a huge piece of America! What Mr. Landau has accomplished is more than renditions. When he sings it’s as though those songs are being sung for the first time and are just as good as they originally were! He has given us all back a time we thought long lost forever and I know that Frankie would be absolutely thrilled to see his music so well performed, especially by Mr. Landau who need only flash that incredible smile to win an audience over in a second and then sing that music that instantly takes us all away from the present day to a time of almost carefree joy. I am glad to have lived long enough to see a piece of America resurrected and restored through Mr. Landau! Lastly, I can listen to Sinatra sing these songs and think only of Sinatra and the same when I hear Mr. Landau. It’s as though they are complete reflections of where that music comes from so deep within. They are both perfect reflections of the music apart from and without comparison to each other, each unique. I don’t think I can remember any other singer that has accomplished this so perfectly. Many people have sung great renditions of other people’s music but there always seems to be something missing. Not so with Mr. Landau. Congratulations, thank you and may all your lives continue to be blessed. Thank You!”

Landau Fan


“As a 63-year-old, Frank Sinatra was more of my parents time, but I did catch some of it. When you made that first appearance on AGT in New York, I would have bet my life that you would win the season. I loved it. That’s the great thing about AGT and American Idol today. It has given undiscovered talent the chance of a lifetime that people didn’t get before these shows hit American television. Without these shows, how would talent as yourself ever been discovered? It wouldn’t have. The talent you have – even before winning AGT – was hands down as good as anyone in the Ratpack of olden days. You were given a talent that was God-given. Thank goodness for AGT. If you ever come to Kansas City, I surely want to be in the audience. God does work in amazing ways, doesn’t he? I’m not a religious fanatic, but he has worked miracles for me since my cancer treatment. You are an example that God does provide miracles.”

Rick Ryan/Landau Fan


“Landau, I must say this was the first season that I’ve ever watched of AGT. Honestly I was touched by your story and all the stuff you’ve been put through in your years of life, When I heard you sing from some reason I just had to hear more and more of you singing, I’ve bought your CD and I keep telling my wife how great your voice is, You’ve kinda changed a lot of my taste in music just hearing your voice. I’m so glad that you decided to go on to AGT, I rooted for you the whole time. Please bring more CD’s, Oh yeah and I think sometimes a tour to Michigan =)”

Paul/Landau Fan


“I own a business and have a pretty busy schedule. I put an hour on my calendar Tuesday, November 22nd (Monday the 21st is already booked.) to hit to my local Target store and get Landau’s new album, “That’s Life.” I’m going to a Christmas decorating party that evening and we’re going to listen to Landau while we decorate. (Hubby and I went to his Vegas AGT concert on Sat. 10-30-11 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and he was flawless – so happy and in his element. Whooo-hooo!)”

Denise Michaels/Landau Fan

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