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Team Landau Weekly

Duane Flesher

Duane started taking piano lessons at age 7 and immediately fell in love with the instrument. By age 14 he was playing for a boys quartet, where he discovered his passion for performing. That led Mr. Flesher to a 4 year stint with the Air Force Logistics Command Band at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio. Since he has been in several bands and has spent the last 10 years touring with Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.


Favorite song to perform?

A Song For You

Favorite memory from tour?

Probably my fondest memory is the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour we did in Germany

Favorite performance with Landau?

The New Year’s Eve date where I got to play the arrangements I wrote for the Boston Pops.

Number of shows with Landau:

Over fifty performances in 2022


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