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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Global Day of Play – Bluefiel Daily Telegraph

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, the Sinatra and soul singing season six winner of NBC TV’s America’s Got Talent contributed a new song to the International Global Day of Play.

Murphy performed “Playground” for the first time ever, acapella, during the webcast.

The Global Day of Play webcast telethon was organized to support the work of Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration. The non-profit has built a network of dozens of inclusive, sensory- and literacy-rich playgrounds throughout the world, including the United States, Mexico, Israel, Canada, Ecuador, Russia, and throughout the US. There are another 75 playgrounds currently in development, including in Argentina, South Africa, Armenia, the Dominican Republic and more.  The playgrounds are specifically designed so that all kids can play together, those with and without disabilities.

Click on the link for his conversation with Emily Rice with Bluefield Daily Telegraph.


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