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Landau cheers for his “Littlest BIG Fan” – Sophie Fatu on America’s Got Tale

Have you heard Landau Eugene Murphy’s “littlest big fan” showcase her singing talent on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (AGT)? Sophie Fatu the youngest contestant ever on NBC TV’s  America’s Got Talent, swept the judges off their feet with her renditions of classic Frank Sinatra tunes and she is only five!  According to Sophie’s Mom Vicki, Sophie has been listening to Landau for years and the two have a mutual admiration society, and both love to sing Sinatra!

“I love to listen to Sophie sing! Did you know she’s from West Virginia like me? I have followed her performances since the show premiered, and I’m flattered that she is a fan and listens to me and watches my videos! She is such a natural!”, said Landau, congratulating the pint-sized prodigy for her outstanding talent and a great run on AGT, as well as her appearance on fellow West Virginia native Steve Harvey’s show “Little Big Shots”.  “We’ve got to find an opportunity to sing together,” said Murphy. “Maybe when I’m in Las Vegas or California; I understand that Sophie and her mom are living in Los Angeles now. It would be cool for us to both come back to West Virginia and do a show too!”

Watch her adorable, power-packed performance of  “New York New York”


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