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Christmas in July SALE

Landau’s Christmas in July!

Most of us are ready to hit “fast-forward” on 2020 and get this year over as soon as possible! That’s why it’s a great time for a “Santa Landau Christmas In July” sale, with carefully curated items from our Landau Christmas store selected specifically for these strange times!

Your “Santa Landau-Christmas In July” bundle will include (while supplies last):

*  Landau’s Christmas CD, filled with snow-covered holiday classics that will take you away from the summer heat and COVID cares

*  “Landau Live In Concert in Washington DC” DVD, cuz we know you miss seeing Landau live, almost as much as he and the band miss performing for you

*  ‘WV Historic Places’ calendar featuring Landau and friends…so you can count down to the end of this sub-par 2020

*  A Landau photo that he can sign for you when we’re all able to actually be within six feet of one another again

…and, best of all…a PERSONALIZED VIDEO GREETING just for you from Landaudelivered directly to your smart phone! Landau can wish you a happy birthday or anniversary, congratulate you on a life milestone, answer your question about AGT or just sing you a bit of a favorite song! We’ll send you info on how to make it happen with your package of Landau goodies!

Orders must be placed by midnight July 31st, so don’t delay, order today and our elves will get to work putting your Christmas gifts together!

Happy Ho-Ho Holidays from Santa Landau!


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