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Band member of the month: Rick Tolbert!

Rick Tolbert

Rick Tolbert

Fast Facts

Instrument: Trombone

How long have you been playing?: For 31 years

What do you do when you’re not playing with Landau?: I promote my own band, ‘Soul Alchemy and the Voodoo Horns’ and I hang with the love of my life, the lovely Jeannette Dillon

Who are some other notable artists you’ve played with or gigs you’ve played?:  The O’Jays, the Temptations, Patti LaBelle, Natalie Cole, and Bob Hope

What’s your most memorable Landau gig?: My most memorable show has to be Clarksburg, WV. Fifteen minutes before show time, a major rainstorm blew into the outdoor amphitheater we were set to perform in. As the production crew scrambled to cover the stage, instruments, and equipment, the band huddled in the small backstage dressing room to wait out the storm. The crowd of over 2,000 headed out of the amphitheater to wait in their cars and listen to the radio for word of whether the concert would be cancelled. The rain kept coming; we kept waiting. The local TV meteorologist was the emcee for the show and was checking in with the TV station and their Doppler radar to watch for a break in the storm. At about 11:15, three and a half hours after the show was supposed to start, the monsoon finally ended. The gear was uncovered and the concert went on. To our amazement, most of the crowd had waited in their cars the entire three and half hours and came back into the concert.

On a much sunnier note, we headlined the main stage in the Sunshine State of California at the State Fair in Sacramento. I lived in the Nor Cal for 22 years, playing professionally. I was instrumental (ha!) in getting eight players from that area that are good friends, amazing players, and wonderful people to play with Landau.

What’s your favorite part of playing with Landau?: The band is tremendous, from a player’s perspective. But that goes hand in hand with the affable personalities of Jennifer and Landau. They are wonderful people.

What are some of your hobbies and other interests?: Faith, family, and sports

What advice do you have for young musicians?: Most people don’t agree with me on this, but music is rarely about “the you.” At it’s core, it’s about them, the consumer who enjoys the product you provide. So remember, we entertain others, and hopefully we get our satisfaction inside of the music the consumer purchases.

To find out more about Rick Tolbert and his band, Soul Alchemy and the Voodoo Horns, visit their Facebook pages below!

Rick Tolbert – Trombonist

Soul Alchemy and the Voodoo Horns


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