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Landau’s Trip to Las Vegas

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. spent this week in Las Vegas with two nationally syndicated performances, a major writing session, and a visit to America’s Got Talent Season 17 Live show.

On June 2nd Landau spent the afternoon performing live on the famous Dennis Bono show, a stage he’s no stranger to, that was broadcasted all over radiowaves in Las Vegas. Soon after this, Landau also made a TV appearance as a guest on “April in Vegas.”

Landau also sat down with Rob Hegel, the famous American songwriter known for Air Supply’s “Just as I Am,” for an eventful writing session.

Finally, Landau stopped by the America’s Got Talent Live Show at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, to attend the newest season of the show while also meeting with Season 16 winner, Dustin Tavella.


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